Establishing Effective Virtual Board Communication

As the coronavirus pandemic affects nonprofits, their boards must work harder to collaborate and get community support. Additionally, with a majority of board members working at a distance due to social distancing suggestions, establishing effective virtual board communication is crucial.

The online meetings’ synchronous nature makes it difficult to ensure that board members are engaged Therefore, it’s crucial for meeting organizers to establish the structure of meetings that encourages interaction. Using virtual boardroom software with built-in features, like instant messaging, document management, and conferencing, is a method of achieving this.

If a meeting takes place in a virtual space, it is essential to have all pertinent documents distributed to participants before the time. This will ensure that everyone is viewing the exact version of the document and prevent confusion during the meeting. Additionally, it’s best to use a platform that is secure and can be trusted. Video tools for conferencing board portals blog that are free may not offer the same level of security as those that cost money, and include more advanced features like encryption and password security.

To increase the productivity of virtual meetings, it’s essential to inform participants of appropriate communication etiquette. Also, meeting organizers should periodically check in with remote attendees to find out if they have any questions or concerns.